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The key roles of Foreign Investors Council are:

• to contribute positively to the improvement of the Romanian legal framework for commercial and tax matters;

• to promote
sound business ethics;

• to project
a good image of foreign investment and of business in general.


July 23, 2014

FIC (3)
Prime Minister Victor Ponta met with members of the Foreign Investors Council
Business community: Support for lower CAS rate provided no other taxes go up
New Fiscal Code: Ponta waiting for suggestions from business community
Macroeconomic News (6)
Price of Romanian grain falls to four-year low
Minister of Transport wants satellite companies out of red
Ford to stop Craiova production operations
Grapes harvest 30% ruined
Unprecedented increase in electricity exports and high regional prices turn Bucharest energy market red hot
Five reasons why ENEL decided to leave Romania
Financial News (2)
Accace turnover up 20%
Garanti sees 2.9% economic growth for this year
Investment News (3)
Romania making progress in implementation of Digital Agenda
10 plants razed in Bucharest
Franklin Templeton's stock market investments down
Legislative News (1)
New draft Fiscal Code won't be sent to Parliament before September
Politics (2)
Are the 55 Antonescu backers sabotaging Iohannis's run?
PDL and PNL to join hands in Christian-Liberal Alliance
Social (7)
Ponta: Government's unsolved problem is recovering 530,000 lost jobs
The Government suggests 10% pay raises for certain doctors and assistants as of this fall, MFP mentioned other deadlines
The distortions of social protection in Romania and its losers: An analysis on certain data for 2014-2012
C-3PO's competition on the labor market. When technology becomes the perfect employee
Cartel Alfa: Pension Pillar II should guarantee at least the contributions paid by the employee
Time bomb: More than 50% of jobs in EU might be replaced by computers
Access to the labor market for students - transition from school to active life - SIMACTIV


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Markus Wirth
President of the Board of Administration, Holcim

I trust that the FIC is a reliable partner to the Government of Romania on the way to a successful and sustainable future both for the society and the economy of this country. I am prepared to dedicate a portion of my time and ability to the work of the FIC.

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