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TF Healthcare meeting
on Monday, 3 November 2014 at 15:00 at Lowe
TF Public Institutions' Management
on Tuesday, 4 November 2014 at 14:00 at FIC office
TF Labour meeting
on Friday, 14 November 2014 at 9:00 at FIC office
TF Education meeting
on Friday, 14 November at 10:30 at FIC office
TF Energy meeting
on Wednesday, 26 November at 11:00 at FIC office
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The key roles of Foreign Investors Council are:

• to contribute positively to the improvement of the Romanian legal framework for commercial and tax matters;

• to promote
sound business ethics;

• to project
a good image of foreign investment and of business in general.


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Serban Toader, Senior Partner, KPMG

The Foreign Investors' Council (FIC) makes a valuable contribution to improving the business climate in Romania and in facilitating investment from abroad, which is so important for the country's development. The Council acts as a meeting point, in which many of the most important companies in Romania can discuss issues of common concern, and then engage in a dialogue with policy makers to present the interests of the business community as a whole. Since its inception in 1997, FIC has worked hard to develop positive working relationships with government, Members of Parliament and state institutions like the Agency for Foreign Investment, becoming an increasingly respected voice. The White Book, which FIC publishes every two years, with proposals for steps to facilitate investment and improve the business climate has become one of the most effective lobbying tools for promoting growth in the Romanian economy. Foreign investment in Romania has increased considerably in recent years, and with EU accession just around the corner it is likely to rise even more as the country enters the European Single Market. Consequently the role of FIC in representing a significant part of the business community in Romania is likely to become even more important. KPMG as one of the leading providers of auditing, taxation and financial advisory services in Romania, with a presence in the country since 1994, is proud to be represented on FIC?s Board of Directors and we look forward to continuing to play a positive role in promoting foreign investment in this country. KPMG is also pleased that its professionals are assisting FIC on taxation, audit, regulatory and environmental issues, contributing on a practical level to its development, and hence to FIC?s ability to provide quality representation for the business community in Romania.

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